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Your current gynecologist doctor may not only counsel you when you are pregnant but can also be consulted before conceiving a child or even conceiving a child faster. The process can be speeded up with a certified assist as they would inquire about your menstruation cycle and also counsel you the ideal days to conceive a baby as well as a healthy one too.
There are various things you could seek advice from your folks and colleagues however there may be some things, may be quite awkward that you might not choose to discuss with anyone else aside from your gynecologist, considering they might be extremely crucial to your reproductive and also sexual health. Find below the fundamental problems that you could seek counsel or even consult with a gynecologist.

 The problems that will make you consult your gynecologist doctor

1. Unstable Menstruation Cycle
An irregular pattern of your monthly menstrual periods is not considered normal therefore you should consult your doctor. Even if you are not expecting a baby and you may have to spot between periods occasionally, ensure that you consult your doctor.
Discuss your menstrual flow with your doctor and also let him or she decide whether it is normal or even needs attention. Sometimes an irregular monthly cycle may be caused by an infection, cyst or hormonal imbalance.


gynecologist, womens issues, doctor, GYNECOLOGIST DOCTOR


2. Infrequent Bleeding after Intercourse
You do not have to be afraid the very first time you bleed after having rough intercourse however if it is not occasional and also happens a few times; then I would advise you to consult with your gynecologist. Bleeding after sex may or perhaps might lead to anything from an infection or even little dryness to a precancerous cervical issue.
3. Ask about Safe Sex, Family Planning, and also Contraception
With the current technological innovation, some critical information is readily available to everyone. However, certain issues and also concerns related to grownup women are best discussed and also advised by a gynecologist.
All matters related to family planning and contraception, unwanted pregnancy can be fixed by your gynecologist. They are the ideal individuals to advise you on the healthy habits associated with family planning and planning an infant.


4. If you have had a Few Sexual Partners
Conversing with your doctor about your sexual pleasures can assist you in enjoying the intimate pleasures with care and also safety. They are not there to judge you but to help keep you safe, so it is beneficial to disclose information that may appear relevant instead of ignoring your adult pleasures.
5. What medication or perhaps supplements you are on
Let your gynecologist know about any medication or even supplements you are using either for birth control or to get pregnant or even in case you are having surgery. At times herbal supplements can cause complications. So keep your doctor up-to-date with your medications promptly.
gynecologist, womens issues, doctor, GYNECOLOGIST DOCTOR


6. Had Unprotected Sex once or more than once
Let’s assume you had sex without protection (condoms) and also had no changes in your monthly cycle as well as have not noticed any particular Sexually transmitted disease (STD) signs and symptoms.
Trust me your system may still be susceptible to some sexually transmitted infections that may show zero symptoms. Some such as Human papillomavirus (HPV) may stay dormant and also may not get activated for years. So it is recommended to let your lady doctor know as you as have unsafe intercourse.
7. Ask about Vaccination and pap smear
Consult your doctor about what pre-pregnancy vaccination you need and when to take them as they would keep you safe and sound to conceive. You should not miss your regular pap smear and ensure you have one before you intend to conceive.
Inquire from your gynecologist about cervical cancer as well as take his or her tips on the cervical cancer vaccination.
It is the responsibility of a gynecologist doctor to advise you on getting pregnant when you want to and also guide you not to get pregnant if you don’t wish to. It is advisable to consult your GYNECOLOGIST DOCTOR if you are experiencing any of the above signs or problems

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