Calluses and corns- Causes, Signs and Home Remedies!!!

Calluses and corns are referred to as thickened skin areas that turn out to be painful sometimes. A callus is broader and also bigger compared to corn,and also it has a fewer defined edge. However, corns a tiny skin area which has become thickened as a result of the pressure on it.

Corns on feet and calluses can be such a big issue particularly when they start to cause pain while you are walking. There exist soft corns as well as hard corns. The soft corn isformed in between the soft areas of the toes while the hard corn is formed on the top of the bony part of your toes.

Who wants thickened, hard areas on what could be typically smooth and soft feet? If you happen to be always fighting with calluses, you have to know the common causes to enable you to begin taking the necessary measures to reversing this problem.

Calluses afflict the majority of people who do not have corns. They are unattractive to take a look at and also has to be removed to improve the appearance of your feet.


A lot of people use the terms calluses and also corns interchangeably, however, they are different conditions. Calluses result from one primary causeExcessive pressure on the bottom part of the feet.
Corns are formed in lots of ways. Ordinarily, it is as a result of heat and also friction that is mounted on the skin which causes the body to react by thickening that particular region. When this pressure persists then the callous gets bigger and even bigger, and also may form corn that may lodge on its own into the epidermal layer.


To verify if what you have is a tough skin or perhaps something severe, consider the following signs.
A. Search for hard skin or maybe a growth on the metatarsal bone ( a group of bones in the feet).
B. Whenever you put on a high shoes or heels that have thin out soles, you are not comfortable.
C. Look for extremely hardened places under your toes.
D. Whenever you press the afflicted areas, they just do not seem sensitive to the touch.
E. You usually feel pain on the sole of your foot which disappears if you take away your shoes and also relax for some minutes.

F. Bump on the feet skin


Before starting any personal formed treatment regimen, it is best to first seek advice from your podiatrist or podiatric physician to figure out the cause of, and also a more efficientmethod of treating your calluses. Some health conditions like diabetic issues are known to cause problems and also specializedcare solutions.



Aspirin also referred to as salicylic acid can be utilized into a corn-softening substance. Grind eight aspirin tablets into powder form, after that mix in 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. Apply the aspirin paste on the corns on your toes and calluses in a significantamount. Cover up your feet making use of a clinging plastic wrap. Make use of a warm towel and also wrap it around your feet. After about 20 minutes take out the towel and also plastic wrap. Then Scrub your feet making use of a soft brush or perhaps a pumice stone.

Foot Bath

In a bowl of warm water, insert chamomile tea bag along with your favorite liquid soap and maybe a pinch of salt; soak your feet for 15-20 minutes and then slowly toss out the softened corns or calluses making use of a scrub brush with smooth and soft bristles or even a pumice stone. Then after washing your feet, you may apply lotion or moisturizer.
Please Note: you should not apply the lotion or moisturizer in between your toes as it might cause fungal infections on your feet.

Baking Soda

Also, works like treatment for calluses and corns. It works as a natural exfoliating agent helping to remove the dead skin covering the corn; in this way, it will help the skin recover. To be prepared, according to the publication, the individual adds 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda to a bowl of warm water. After that, the feet are soaked in the solution for about 10 to 15 minutes as well as the infected area is scrubbed with a pumice stone to take away the dead skin.


Wear footwear that fits properly and comfy to use. Bad fitting shoes causelots of friction on the feet and also trigger calluses and also corns to form. If at all possible wear flat shoes and also make use of foot patches which are non-medicated to guard your feet. Make sure toenails are Trimmed properly. Put on socks that match well. A very tight or perhaps loose socks may cause calluses and corns to form.
At times corns and calluses result from deformities of the toes “club foot, flat feet, hammer toes” or protruding bones on the feet. If you have any of this deformities, try using toe spreaders and also separators.

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