The Best Sleeping Tips For A Pregnant Woman

LPregnancy time can be categorized into 3 stages referred to as trimesters which begins with the initial (first) day of the lady’s last menstrual cycle and then ends with the birth of the baby, approximately forty (40) weeks later. Amid these stages, pregnancy can significantly disturb your sleep schedule and cause sleep disorders such as Sleep onset insomnia (difficulty falling asleep at normal bedtimes) and sleep maintenance insomnia (difficulty remaining asleep).

Some more problems like cramps, nausea, frequent urination, swelling, physical pain, vivid dreams, heartburn, disordered breathing, etc. these extra problems also contribute to sleep disturbance. There are some Pure Formulas sleep solutions

Pregnant Woman

Here below are a few handy tips to avoid such issues.

1. Stay awake until three hours after dinner

During pregnancy digestion process will be slow and sit or sleep just after lunch can cause stomach disorders. For its solution, take a light dinner earlier at night and do some walk after dinner. This will help boost digestion process.

2. Proper sleep position

To sleep on the left side is the best position to sleep. This will reduce your back pain, increase blood circulation to the fetus, relieves the pressure on the spine, helps in the smooth flow of nutrients to the placenta to keep the baby healthy, prevents snoring, etc. It is also good for kidney and liver.
3. Regular exercise

By doing regular exercises and stretching, you can balance your BP level and maintain your body healthy. It will help boost digestion, reduce swelling, reduce cramps, heartburn, etc. It will also improve sleep better and longer, circulate blood properly in the whole body and increase the oxygen level in your blood.

4. Stay away from blue light

Mobiles and laptops’ screen has a particular effect on your mind and these force your mind to stay awake. Using these electronic devices will affect your health adversely and disturb your schedule of sleep. Sleeping late at night and waking late in the morning will make you lazy and bring lethargy as well.

5. It is time to avoid some foods and drinks

Avoid fast foods, citrus fruits, acidic foods and coffee since these foods can usually cause heartburn. The phosphorous in bubbly beverages can decrease the amount of calcium that you can metabolise. Lack of proper consumption of calcium will make your baby weak as well as you.

6. Drink sufficient water

By drinking enough liquid in the whole day will help you flush Out Toxins from your body, boost Immune System, Increase Energy & Relieves Fatigue, prevent cramps & sprains. It is in the daytime, drink lots of water but reduce intake after 6:00 pm. If you drink much water in the night, then it will cause you frequent urination and disturb your sleep.

7. Deal with nausea

Nausea is a crucial part of the common concern referred to as morning sickness. By eating light food several times in a day, Avoiding foods and smells that trigger your nausea, increasing intake of vitamin B-6 will help you stay away from nausea. It will also help you deal with heartburn when you prefer light meals than large meals.

8. Try to relax yourself

In pregnancy, there can be the imbalance of BP(blood pressure). Usually, some ladies get unnecessarily more concerned about their child, and that leads to sleep disturbance only. They should try to do prenatal yoga, meditation, or other relaxation techniques like soaking in warm baths, consuming tryptophan-rich foods, and so on. To make yourself calm and less worried. Proper check-ups of baby growth will also make you less concerned.

8. Make a sleep schedule

Making a sleep schedule will help you with less sleep interruption, less lethargy and boredom. This helps to balance hormones and increase metabolism of your body. You should sleep earlier at night and wake up after at least 7-9 hours so that you get enough sleep to boost the growth of your baby. Sufficient asleep without a fixed schedule brings many unwanted complications like nausea, digestion problems, heartburn, etc.

9. Invest in a better pillow

A pillow can help you a lot make yourself comfortable during bedtime. Buying a suitable body pillow can take away a lot of stress on your body. There are many types of pillows for different purposes like a full body pillow, U shape pillow, C shape pillow, etc. These all serve different significant purposes as per your requirements. You can buy pillows as per your comfort –

  • Small pillow – A body pillow like the Cuddle Pillow holds the back appropriately adjusted by supporting the midsection and legs. Tuck the pad between your bowed knees to take the weight off your lower back and make side-resting more comfortable. Tuck one behind your back, and you’ll see it less demanding to keep up a side-lying position for the duration of the night.
  • Wedge – This is perfect for keeping the tummy lifted; you additionally can utilise it to keep your head higher than your chest to ease and avoid pregnancy heartburn and shortness of breath.
  • Bean – Use of bean is same as a wedge or pillows. A bean can help you sleep better and longer with comfort.



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