Why Breast Thermography Is the Best Test!!!

Breast thermography is a risk-free as well as pain-free instead of mammograms that expose you to quite a lot of radiation. Health professionals who analyze the breast scans are a board of qualified thermologists. Thermography is not restricted by breast density as well as suitable for ladies who have had reconstructive or perhaps cosmetic surgery, women who reject mammography, or even ladies who seek clinical correlation for an already existing problem.

Currently, lots of attention goes to breast cancer detection and also treatment. It is really great; because of this kind of cancer impacts approximately 100,000 women in the united kingdom and USA every year. Since this is not a small number of individuals to deal with this deadly disease, it should come as a shock that thermography is yet to be widely recommended as a means of early detection.

Breast thermography

Without doubt studies still, concentrate more on treatment methods on a cellular level, however surely there ought to be more discussion on tests as well. Medical doctors are knowledgeable about this method and also endorse it as the ideal test. Nevertheless, a lot of recent studies define thermography can, in fact, expose cancerous and also precancerous cells a lot earlier than mammography. This form of test is definitely something to look into, for all of the following points.

Why Breast Thermography Is the Best Test Women Can Do

1. Early detection of cancer – just what mammography shows now, thermography would have discovered a long time before now. Lots of research carried out over the span of 10 years show that in 60% of all breast cancer instances, that thermography was the first to sound the alarm. Thermal imaging is utilized to identify cellular level modifications and abnormalities, which makes it distinctive, it actually allows medical doctors to notice any pre-tumor issue. Thermography provides you with real prevention since it is the only method that enables such an early diagnosis.


2. Fewer tests required – although regular mammograms are indeed a good option, they usually require unwanted treatments and also further tests. In the most serious instances, they even result in Mastectomies, a few of which are unnecessary. The case with thermography is the fact that it separates scars, breast implants and also fibrocystic tissue. Also, it detects modifications to cells in the armpit region, which happens not to be something mammography does. All women who have ever had false “positive” results or maybe an unnecessary biopsy understands how vital accurate tests are to them.


3. Safe technique – since thermography is an image of the body heat; this means that it is safe for expecting mothers, as well as nursing mothers. It is known that the adverse effects of mammography are harmful and they might also be the trigger for what they are attempting to prevent. There is absolutely no radiation required, no further treatments and even tests such as biopsies, lumpectomies, chemotherapy, and so on.


4. No harm – a lot of women make a complaint how painful and hurtful a mammogram is. The type of pressure from the machine sometimes surpasses that of a 50-pound weight on the bosom. Obviously, this is not just slightly uncomfortable but instead causes pain. It is not the case with thermography; that is harmless and does not involve any pain.


These are the strong advantages of thermography that ladies must look into. Long gone are the days when mammography reigned superior in the fight of breast cancers early diagnosis. It is advisable for women to make use of a risk assessment tool to ascertain whether they need a test, after which certainly look into thermography as an options.

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