Natural Remedies that Treat Flu Effectively

Influenza typically referred to as flu might be a cause of death if not diagnosed quickly. It is primarily as a result of the RNA viruses that infect the respiratory tract system. According to the WHO report, approximately two billion people who are around 30% of the world population can be infected by the flu.

The flu virus can infect anyone of all ages. However, kids are affected more by this condition. Also, it infects individuals afflicted with chronic disease as well as folks whose immune system is not strong.


The immune system functions correctly when in the warm environment. You might have observed that flu and cold affect us the most in the winter months. Therefore, you have to keep yourself protected to prevent flu or cold. Flu is the cause of different strains of influenza virus.

symptoms of flu

1. A dry Cough
2. congestion, sneezing, or runny nose
3. chest discomfort
4. headache
5. a sore throat
6. shortness of breath
7. Pain in the muscles
8. dehydration
9. fatigue
10. fever

Natural Flu Remedies to Help You Fight the Influenza

1. Ginger

Ginger an antiviral herb. Loads of antiviral compounds exist inside it. It is utilised basically as a pain reliever, antioxidant and also antiseptic. It works well for treating sore throat, cold and also inflammation of mucous membrane. It helps to reduce the fever and the pain from body ache; it also has a sedative effect of loosening up the body. If the taste of ginger tea is very intense for you, you could sweeten it with a few honey which can also help deal with the symptoms of flu.


2. Garlic

Garlic possesses the amazing benefits of allicin which has immune system boosters. It is an antibacterial herb. It assists the defence mechanisms to fight the infection.

If you are brave enough to take garlic in its natural form, then do so. Otherwise, you can find garlic supplements which you can take to reduce the powerful odour of garlic on your breath. Nevertheless, if you can chew up small pieces of garlic the more beneficial as it has been discovered to decrease the symptoms of flu a lot. You can still chop the garlic into little chunks after that swallow them with water.


3. Vitamin C

Loading up on vitamin C once you notice indications of the flu is strongly recommended. It is best to take up to 3000mg daily that are adequately divided during the day to combat influenza. As soon as you look and feel better, take 500mg daily to help improve your immune system.


4. Echinacea

It is a perennial plant. You can obtain this herb from the travelling salesperson in the Wild West. However, folks need to know the optimal potential of this herb. This natural herb has the amazing benefits of anti-viral and also the anti-bacterial property. It is a superb tonic for the respiratory diseases, and it likewise helps in boosting the production of the white blood cells.

By following these actions you can to prevent yourself along with your family from getting the deadly flu. They are the treatments which were used by our parents, grandparents and so on.