Ideal Strength Training Exercises For Women

Strength training (strength train) is one thing that a lot of ladies find to be difficult to do. The reason these easy techniques seem to be so difficult is that most ladies do not know how to get them done. Strength training program for ladies can help a lady become healthy and lean, and if done correctly, provides a long, lean shape which is not heavy(bulky) or perhaps masculine.

Strength training for women is a technique of enhancing the condition as well as the strength of the muscle tissues by steadily improving the ability to resist force by making use of workout tools, free weights, or even women’s weight.

It is a part of a strength training program for ladies whereby sessions are created to gradually boost the resistance to promote the development of muscular strength which is advantageous in making women fit and healthy.

Women all over the world are gradually accepting strength training workout as the exercise that they need to combat against unwanted fat. You cannot find any other activity or exercise that will provide a lot of benefits for women of all ages. Strength training is incomparable in its capability to give you a slim, well-built, firm, shapely, energetic body regardless of what your age is.

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Strength Training for Women over fifty

All women begin to have changes in their body once they reach age 50. In most cases, after menopause, they slowly drop muscle mass. This dropping of muscle masses minimum of 1 pound yearly reduces their ability to burn around 50 calories in a day that will ultimately result in gaining extra weight and then decline in balance.

Therefore, a strength training program for women is a smart option to keep up the muscular strength and also body structure they want. Training for ladies over fifty is an action which can provide the required strength by at least lifting weights two times weekly.

You do not have to train on a daily basis, although you can do a few cardio or maybe another workout on some of your relaxation days.

Here is a schedule that you could make use of for your exercise week:

  • Mondays – buttocks, thighs and also calves
  • Tuesdays – shoulders and also triceps
  • Thursdays – back and even abdominal
  • Saturday – chest and also biceps

4 Fantastic Tips You need to Adopt For Swift Success

1. Get medical clearance.

Weight training may not be the right action if you have (or even have a record of) joint conditions like joint disease or an operation, respiratory problems like an asthmatic problem, or maybe cardiovascular problems, for instance, high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, or even heart murmurs. The ramifications of such issues need to be resolved before you develop a workout routine and also certainly before you start your exercises.

2. Always warm-up and also cool-down.

Exercises ought to start with some cool warm-up workouts to ensure that the muscle mass is better ready to meet the challenges in the workouts. A cool-down session enables the muscles to recuperate and also offers a great chance to work on flexibility.

3. Create days of relaxation into your training program.

The intervening days of relaxation in your program are crucial with regards to increase strength, muscular endurance, and also size. To work out on endless days without the relaxation that enables the body to recover can lead to injury, or even result in a drop in performance. Appropriately timed rest is as vital to your strength gains as training regularly.

4. Eat wisely and properly.

Diet is an essential factor. It makes absolutely no sense to exercise hard and vigorously if your nutrition is poor. Terrible food alone can lessen muscular endurance, strength, and also muscle hypertrophy. Given that exercising puts significant demands on our bodies, you will need essential nutrients to encourage adaption and also promote gains. To overlook this part of your training is a big mistake if you are keen on improving.

Below are the top benefits of strength training exercises :

  1. Improved metabolism
  2. Improves our body’s energy, stamina, and endurance
  3. It thickens bone density, reducing the possibilities for osteoporosis
  4. Decreases blood pressure levels and heart rate
  5. Reduces LDL cholesterol levels and also raises HDL (good) cholesterol.
  6. Regular training workouts for ladies also help reduce the pain of joint disease and back pains.
  7. Improved mental health – Enhance your alertness, focus, and concentration, decrease anxiety and depressive disorders and enhance overall mood as well as attitude when you strengthen your health with appropriate exercises.
  8. Increased lean muscle mass

Different Strength Training Exercises for Women

Some of the strength training exercises that women should be performing are:

  1. Chair Squat
  2. Bench pressing
  3. Pull-ups
  4. Lunges with weights
  5. Dips
  6. planks
  7. Dead-lifts.

1. Chair Squat (Stand to Sit) This squat makes use of the chair behind you to position you into the appropriate body mechanics as well as to assist for complete mobility.


Position yourself in front of a chair, then your feet parallel, your hip-width aside.

Move your weight back onto your heels: assume that they are nailed to the ground.

Take your hands forward for balance and then look straightforward.

Breathe in as you bend over your knees and then reach back with your hips, reducing yourself towards the chair just like you were about to sit.

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chair to squat

Keep bending your knees until you strike the edge of the chair with your hips (please do not sit). If you happen to be testing out your knees, simply go partway down.

Breathe out as you squeeze your butts to go back to the starting position.

2. Lunges. Stand upright with your feet all together and then with a dumbbell in both of your palms facing you. Take 1 long step forward with your right legs then twist knees to 90-degrees until the right thigh is parallel to the ground. Ensure that your backside stays straight as well as your core involved. Push yourself back to your initial position and then do again with the other leg. Continue changing until you complete 10-15 reps.

3. Bench Pressing

You will need a flat bench, and also barbell packed with plates. It is not an awful idea to make use of the reasonably light plate; weight develops muscle memory while initially attempting this motion (movement). The most of first strength boosts come from building more effective neural pathways.

strength training for women, strength training, strength training exercises, strength train, strength training program
bench press


Lay down on Bench. Lay down on a flat bench, your eyes pointed directly under the bar, your legs touching the ground.

Withdraw Your Shoulder Blades. Pull your shoulder back and then squeeze your shoulder blades jointly. This guarantees shoulder protection and also the balance of the weight, which means more control as well as power.

Grab the Bar. Grip the bar fairly wider than shoulder width aside, making use of the marks on the bar as a guideline. Your palms facing off from you. Unrack the bar and then keep your hands completely extended, placing the bar directly above your upper chest region.

4. Pull-Ups Exercise

You are just going to require a bar which you can suspend from to carry out this exercise. It is crucial to grip the bar properly to get it done correctly. If you can make use of a power rack with a pull-up bar in a fitness center, it would be good, or maybe a doorway pull-up bar will be okay.


Get a big Grip: Ensure that your hands are positioned shoulder length away to help you get the proper grip on the bar.

Grab the Bars. Based on the kind of bar that you are making use of, you have to jump up to reach the bars.

Grip: The bar needs to be close to the palm to prevent calluses.

Get Ready: Grab the bars firmly with your palm facing off from you and also elbows straight. It is your starting point.

Get accustomed to your Weight: Now, your hands are going to be supporting the weight of your whole body. Get an idea for the amount of force you will have to output.

Breathe in: Take a deep breath when you are still down since it is more convenient to breathe in this position.

Pack in Extra Power. The effectiveness of pulls ups can be improved by making use of arms and also leg positions.

Elbow Position: Enter the pull-ups with your elbows stretching straight down toward the ground. It will help to strengthen your back muscle tissues.

Bend Legs: Allowing your legs to suspend down means less strength; therefore bend your legs and then cross your leg. Squeeze your glutes while you pull yourself up.

strength training for women, strength training, strength training exercises, strength train, strength training program

The Pull in the Pull-Ups Workout. With a firm grasp on the bars, you will attempt to pull your whole body weight upwards.

Chest Up 1st: Ensure that your chest goes up ahead of the shoulders. It is harmful to your rotator cuff and also shoulder joint should you allow the shoulders to move forward. Begin the pull with your chest up, and even shoulder blades retracted.

You need to Look Up: Make sure you always keep your eyes positioned at the point you are trying to reach. Therefore, look up at the bar the whole time.

Lower Yourself. The downward motion is the concluding part of the rep.

Go Gradual and slow: It is crucial to ensure that you do not use jerky motions while carrying out the “negative” rep. Your downward movement needs to be gradual and also controlled. Simply enabling your weight can be destructive to your elbows.

Repeat. It is now time to fill up your lungs with some oxygen and then prepare yourself for the next repetition.


5. Planks.

Go down on your hands and legs on the ground.

Start by finding a smooth (you can place your exercise mat) surface and then lying face-down,

With your whole body wholly aligned from head to toe, balance on your elbows or your forearms and also toes,

Keep your abs tight by contracting them, and the goal is to hold on the plank position for as long as you can or perhaps for a specified period.

strength training for women, strength training, strength training exercises, strength train, strength training program
the plank



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