Electric Toothbrush- A Must For Oral Health

The idea of an electric tooth cleaner (or electronic toothbrush) came in the year 1800s. However, Squibb Pharmaceuticals launched the very first actual model in the year 1960. It was called “the Broxodent,” it saw lots of changes as manufacturers experimented continuously on improving the tool, which was mainly designed for orthodontic patients then.

A bright, glowing smile at all times perks up a personality. When you put up a great or an amazing smile, it also builds self-esteem and even adds appeal to the individual wearing it. It is consequently quite normal for people to be sensitive and also worried about how their teeth look.

Because part of daily good personal hygiene is brushing teeth, the majority of people might ask themselves if they need to buy the more costly electric tooth or perhaps continue with there regular, manual toothbrush.

electric brush, electric toothbrush

An electric brush comes in 2 models; battery-powered and rechargeable electric power. The electric toothbrushes which are driven by batteries typically last about three months; nevertheless, this entirely depends on the number of folks making use of it and regularity. Then again, the rechargeable electric toothbrushes are fairly costlier than battery-powered models but should be charged only a few times monthly.

Do you know that 80% of bacterias goes into our bodies through our mouth? If perhaps left, the bacteria can accumulate and lead to unpleasant breath. The right solution to combat halitosis (bad breath) is by regular cleaning with the right brush and also through the use of the proper cleaning technique.

As a person get busier and sure, a bit lazier, the automatic electric toothbrush became a household tool for the benefits as well as the thought that it can thoroughly clean the teeth 25% more effectively when compared with the (ordinary) manual toothbrush.

A lot of people preferred this automatic device to the manual one due to the style and design, the simplicity, as well as the efficiency in cleaning up the mouth.

The majority of dentists highly recommend electric toothbrushes and even guarantee they yield higher results compared to ordinary brushes. Dentists make use of electronic toothbrushes to clean up their patient’s mouth if they need to brush their mouth.

Brushing your mouth might often feel like a task to a lot of people considering the tedious process; however, automatic electric toothbrushes have totally changed this process. The truth is that an efficient brush is crucial for complete oral hygiene, and also electric brushes are tested and suitable for complete plaque removal over manually operated toothbrushes.

The Electric toothbrushes are built making use of good quality plastic along with other materials. Their cleaning process has grown to be more innovative and more productive. Their prices as well, have lessened so a lot of people can purchase and make use of them.

The latest brushes nowadays boast of much softer, finer bristles. The soft bristles that caress the gums to protect against gingivitis. Many toothbrushes claim to boost healthy gums and also give glowing teeth due to the fast cleaning actions given to our teeth.

Electronic toothbrushes are sought after all over the world for a lot of factors, and irrespective of whether you are trying to find a quicker technique to brush your teeth or simply just excited about your pearly whites, they are an excellent pick. Electric brushes usually clean the teeth in a shorter period compared to traditional bristles, which is only due to the strong nonstop action of the bristles.

electric brush, electric toothbrush

It is also known that lots of persons lack proper brushing techniques. However, electric brushes not just guarantee that correct techniques are applied, but improves the process with its rotating, pulsating and also oscillating motions.

So how exactly does the Electric brush work in cleaning The teeth?

The core of this device lies in the oscillator, enabling the head of the toothbrush to rotate and also move up and downwards. These kinds of brushes are powered by electricity or maybe rechargeable batteries and are costlier compared to regular toothbrushes.

Unlike a manual toothbrush, you need to place the electric toothbrush on one tooth simultaneously, and it will do its work while it’s rotating- “advanced cleaning mechanism”. Many producers of these tools have claimed that their devices clean much better than the traditional ones. You can check online for some quality products of the brushes.

Choosing a Toothbrush:

There are numerous factors to check out when selecting the ideal electric toothbrush for instance price, features, and strength.

About choosing a toothbrush, the first option you will make is whether to opt for a manual or perhaps an electronic toothbrush. And even dentists suggest you opt for an electric model because they are better than manual brushes with regards to getting rid of plaque and also fighting gum disease.

It is for a great reason that dentists recommend making use of an electric powered toothbrush because they come with loads of benefits such as being an excellent way to combat gingivitis and also gum disease by reaching those hidden areas in your mouth you miss with a manual brush. It is also proven that making use of an electric toothbrush together with flossing will help to wipe out unpleasant breath odor.

5 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Purchasing An Electric Brush

1. Hard bristles. Everyone wants to make brushing a fun experience and not a disturbing and tearful one. Ensure that you shop for electric brushes that has soft bristles.

2. Not selecting the correct size. Think about the size of your mouth when choosing a brush. The toothbrush needs to fit in your mouth with no forcing or distress.

3. Opting for price over quality. If you are in a low budget like most people are, then do not be troubled. There are many electric brushes which are suited to any budget. Keep in mind that price is not the key to a superb electronic toothbrush. A toothbrush can be inexpensive and can still be of good quality.

4. By not reading through user reviews to get more information.

5. Not talking to your dental professional. There is undoubtedly a good reason why we pay our dentists’ decent money. They are specialists in their field. Get your dentist’s advice and if the individual has recommendations which might fit your needs then, of course, stick to it.

Pros of Electric Powered brushes:

1. Excellent oral plaque removal –  A few studies have shown that electronic brushes offer much better plaque removal.

2. Less abrasion – Brushing too rigorous or perhaps side to side scrubbing of teeth can cause abrasion. Given that electrically powered toothbrushes handle virtually all the movements for you, there is much less chance of brushing extremely hard.

3. User-friendly and uncomplicated – All you have to carry out is keep the brush at 45o and allow it to do all the job. Often folks are lazy while brushing and then never brush correctly as they should be doing. The powered toothbrush is a God sent for these set of people.

4. Kids can have fun – It is essential to develop healthy dental routines among kids. Therefore, you have to ensure your children brush regularly and adequately. It is not a fun task as children often are lazy brushing their teeth and wish to avoid it or even get over with it quickly. The case is different with electric brushes. The youngsters will surely have fun with it since it is far less work, it tickles their teeth, as well as the time regulator (timer) on the toothbrush, enables them to know when the job is completed.

The Cons of Electric powered Toothbrushes:

1. Price – These toothbrushes cost much more than the ordinary models. The cost can be a hindering factor for a lot of people. As all family members need to have a personal brush, the cost of purchasing an electric powered one for everyone may prove very costly.

2. Charging – If it brush is not charged, you can’t possibly make use of it. There are instances when you get out of bed in the morning and then discover that your brush is not charged. How would you react or do in cases like this? Would you wait around for about 20 minutes to get charged before you can brush your teeth?

3. Difficult to travel with – If you are on a journey, you might opt for manual toothbrushes because they are so convenient to travel with. Electrically powered toothbrushes are bulky, and you must also take a charger along. Then again, there is the possibility of misplacing this brush or perhaps forgetting them in your lodge. Should you misplace a manual toothbrush, you will not think about it much as it is cheap .

Electric Brush VS Manual Brush

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electric brush, electric toothbrush

5 Advantages of Making use of an Electric Toothbrush

1. Deep Cleaning

The pattern and bristles on the electrically powered toothbrushes are built to enable you to clean deep and also get at the most “difficult to reach” places in your mouth.

2. Faster brushing

An electric toothbrush can work at a quicker speed to assist clean the teeth more effectively. The bristles found on an electric toothbrush are good at rapidly swirling across our teeth to aid sweep away food plaque and also particles.

3. Simple brushing

The electric powered toothbrush requires far less time and effort to clean the teeth. An electric powered toothbrush only requires light pressure to clean all areas of the teeth efficiently, like the flat surfaces of molars along with the front and the back of your teeth.

4. Pain-free Cleaning

For strong teeth and healthy gums, an electric powered toothbrush can give a rapid and also thorough clean which causes no pain or discomfort. However, if the appropriate oral hygiene habit hasn’t been implemented in past times, the swollen gums will be sensitive to any brushing from a manual or perhaps electric toothbrush.

5. Stain Removal

Any person that usually consumes lots of coffee and tea will start to see some degree of discoloration and staining to the teeth. The extra potential and also scouring efficiency of the electric brush makes it far better at getting rid of the stains from the teeth—then maintaining the stunning smile.

The best way to care for your electronic brush

Rechargeable brushes must be handled with proper care and should not be kept recklessly like the manual models. Since they are battery powered, you have to ensure that the batteries are safe and do not come directly in contact with a fluid.

Furthermore, the head of the toothbrush is to be cleaned thoroughly and separately. If you wish for better longevity for your electric powered toothbrush, you need to replace the batteries or perhaps charge them periodically. Making use of only the original batteries is also a must for the best performance and functionality of the brush.



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