Good And Healthy Food for Healthy Body- Things You Need to Know

Healthphreaks wrote on the best way to eat, the practical nutritional guide based on science (not lobbies), has developed 10 dietary rules (Good and Healthy Food) that allow respecting the great metabolic balance of the body. Here are the main things, which you will find in detail in here, with many practical tips, unpublished information, and food types to really eat healthily.

Mumbai Square not only help people to plan a great diet plan for them but also at the same time gives a healthy Indian food in White-chapel area London, United Kingdom. Check below the list of 10 tips by Healthphreaks to develop a healthy body.

10 Good and Healthy Food Tips by Mumbai Square to develop a healthy body.

  1. Limiting Processed Foods

Make fresh foods and home-cooked foods the basis of your diet, which means less consumption of ready-to-eat foods. This will eliminate a significant amount of unwanted substances (such as additives) and regain control of your diet.

  1. Consume more vegetables, legumes, fruits, tubers without potatoes

A plant-based diet protects against most so-called civilization diseases. For this, reverse the way you plan your meals: plan them around vegetables and not around meat or fish.

Good and Healthy Food, Healthy Food

  1. Choosing Low-Calorie Foods

It is proven that you eat about the same amount of food a day. Except that not all foods are satisfying in the same way and do not provide the same amount of calories. Choosing low-calorie foods, called low caloric (DC), we lose weight, or we remain thin and can also live longer. Find the list of foods at low DC in the Mumbia square.

  1. Choosing foods with high nutritional density

By choosing high- nutrient dense foods, you’re full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which is vital for preventing most chronic diseases.

  1. Choosing Antioxidant Foods

Vitamins C and E, polyphenols, carotenoids, glucosinolates, alkaloids and other terpenoids are protective substances found naturally in foods. They slow down natural aging and reduce the risk of chronic and degenerative diseases. Healthphreaks tells you where to find them: colorful fruits and vegetables, aromatic herbs, spices.

  1. Choosing Low Glycemic Index Foods

All foods rich in carbohydrates do not have the same impact on blood sugar levels: those with low glycemic index has a low effect on blood sugar levels, which can control weight, prevent or control diabetes. The Mumbia square tells you how to follow a low GI diet.

  1. Balancing your dietary fat

The hunt for fat has done more harm than good. To keep your heart and blood vessels healthy, to keep your spirits up and to slow down the inflammation, you do not have to worry so much about the amount of fat ingested as about its quality. For example, we must respect an omega-6/omega-3 ratio close to that of our ancestors, between 1/1 and 3/1. The Mumbia square gives you the rules of the right balance of fat and tells you where to find them, which fats to use daily.

  1. Ensuring the acid-base balance

To keep your bones strong, prevent muscle wasting and keep your kidneys healthy, respecting the acid-base balance when you’re getting older is essential. To do this, care must be taken not to follow a diet too acidifying (excess salt, cereals, meat, fish, cheese). Plants are sources of potassium and alkalinizing bicarbonates: they must be increased. The Mumbia square gives you other tips to avoid chronic acidosis.

  1. Reduce sodium and favor potassium

To prevent hypertension and stomach cancer, reducing salt is essential. Ingesting more than 6 g of salt per day (food salt + added salt) increases the blood pressure and cardiovascular risk in some people. Replacing salt with herbs and spices is a good strategy for eating less salt. Find in the Mumbia square what spices put in what dish instead of salt.

  1. Hypoxic Eating

Cooking methods, packaging, cooking utensils, and industrial foods increase our exposure to pollutants. We advises you on cooking, utensils, and additives to protect against many chronic and degenerative diseases.

Here are the tips on Good and Healthy Food to build a healthy body.

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