Meravir: chronic hepatitis В is now curable

Announcement which everyone was looking forward to for two years has been made recently: Meravir is finally available on the world market!! The remedy can completely remove HBV from your body. Now it can be purchased by every patient with a chronic form of the disease.

The drug was announced by the developer of the Australian pharmaceutical company Panacea infarm back in 2017. It successfully passed clinical trials and amazed the scientists. After the end of therapy, more than 85% of patients were cured of a dangerous disease which causes cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Meravir: chronic hepatitis В is now curable

Meravir’s formula includes two effective antivirus components: sufamenavir and refogravir. Active components prevent the virus from reproduction, destroying it at all stages of its life cycle. Continuous therapy (6-12 months) results in full recovery.

Attention, please! Meravir is recommended for patients with fibrosis and cirrhosis.

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