Are Eggs Meat Or Dairy?

There are over one means to transitioning to a vegetarian or meatless lifestyle. Becoming a vegetarian can be challenging and tough, however, as it involves committed and dedicated to eliminating meat from your diet. This article will cover some questions which a lot of people can’t possibly answer; are eggs meat or are eggs dairy.

Are Eggs Considered Meat?

Due to their functions and nature, a lot of people find it hard to categories eggs into any food family. Most individuals do not also think that eggs are considered meat.

are eggs meat, are eggs dairy

Why isn’t Eggs Meat or Dairy?

So now the big question is, “Are eggs dairy or meat.” If you can’t bodly answer this question, you’re not alone. We will break it down.

What is Dairy or Dairy Product?

The dairy products, also known as milk products, are a type of food produced from the milk of mammals, e.g., cow.

Fowls (chickens) are not mammals; so we can claim that Eggs are not dairy. There is no logical or reasonable way in which we can categories eggs as dairy.

What is Meat?

Meat is simply the flesh of an animal; from a bird or mammals that is eaten as food. An egg is not meat; non-fertilized eggs have never lived, which means no animal no meat.

To answer the question above- “Eggs are neither dairy nor meat” although Eggs are made by poultry animals and also high in protein. As we have defined the terms involved “dairy” and “meat” now let us have logical reasoning so we can arrive at a definitive conclusion.

Eggs are produced by domestic chickens and have a nucleus which can develop into a full-grown chicken; that nucleus hasn’t grown yet into an animal in the eggs being sold at the grocery store. Now let’s consider this about eggs;

  1. No rooster or cock: Since no cock, the egg cannot become fertilized
  2. Eggs are candled before they are sold out; inside the egg is looked into with a bright light to observe any change
  3. Eggs are refrigerated; this can stop any development of any chick in it.

When putting this 3 points together, “If eggs are meat or dairy” we can conclude that: eggs are neither ‘meat nor Poultry.’ The term poultry is the meat of domestic birds and not their eggs. Eggs are not made from milk; so they are not dairy.

What is in An egg?

An egg consists of 3 main parts; which are:

  1. The shell (cuticle)
  2. The egg white (albumen)
  3. The egg yolk.

The egg has an oval shape and surrounded by the hard shell. This thin shell protects the egg from content spilling and any form of external contamination (dust and bacteria).

The primary function of the egg white is to safeguard the yolk as well as providing additional nutrition for the development and growth of the embryo when the egg is fertilized — the egg white consist of about 90% of water and about 10% of proteins.

The egg yolk of a chicken as food is a major source of vitamins and minerals. The diet composition of a Hen determines the york’s color. Among all food egg yolk has the 2nd highest cholesterol content.

Why did I think Eggs were Dairy?

I should definitely blame the grocery stores for this, as Cheese, Milk, and eggs are usually sold near one another; “funny right.” Also, when growing up, the food pyramid was always yogurt, cheese, and milk and also on the same level are poultry, fish, eggs, and meat. To be clear, they are in different sections.

Popular Misconceptions about eggs.

  1. Eating Eggs has an impact on your cholesterol levels.

Contrary to past belief, when you consume eggs moderately, it doesn’t have a negative impact on your cholesterol levels; rather recent studies suggest that a rise in blood cholesterol levels is caused by saturated fat.

Although if an individual suffers from any health problems or coronary artery diseases, is it recommended that the person should reduce his or her dietary intake of cholesterol.

are eggs meat, are eggs dairy

  1. Egg white is better.

There are have been lots of arguments and assumption on what part of the egg is the best for human consumption; either the egg white or the egg yolk.

The simple truth is the egg white, and the egg yolk makes a full page of nutrients needed for Good health. However, if you need to boost your vitamins B12, A, and D, as well as your daily folate, omega-3s and calcium intake; eat more egg yolk.

In conclusion: From the question are eggs meat or are eggs dairy; No, eggs are not dairy or Meat; eggs are in a unique category.