How To Get Rid Of Hickies Fast: 6 Tips

In this article we will be giving tips on how to get rid of hickies fast. It gets a bit overboard last night with your spouse; excessive and forceful kissing and more than expected happened within a few ticks on the clock.

For couples, Body aches and pains are the common symptoms after making out or after forceful romantic kisses. However, waking up in the morning with a love bite (has a reddish spot) wouldn’t be so cute for the public eyes.

Romantic relationships have their playful moments to show affection when needed, but the forceful kissing and lovemaking can sometimes become too hard and harsh; thereby leading to the formation of a hickey and some other dermal inflammations.

What Is a Hickey?

Hicky is commonly referred to as a kiss mark or a love bite. Hickey is actually a bruise. The sucking of the skin too hard and harsh and also kissing results to hickies because the capillaries are broken.

Hickies can last for more than a week, though it is capable of healing itself if given some time. No scars are left behind once a hickey heals.

 How To Get Rid of Hickies, hickey

How To Get Rid of Hickies

As lots of couples enjoy the endless nights and lovemaking, they find it difficult to remove the love bite or hickey on the areas around the neck.

It is very embarrassing if a hickey appears at some places on your body where lots of people can see it. If you need a quick and immediate cover, they can be hidden by making use of collars, scarfs or by applying extra makeup; although these won’t help the hickey to vanish quickly.

No treatment can make it disappear overnight, but there are some home remedies that can be used to get rid of hickeys as soon as possible.

How To Get Rid of Hickies Fast

1. Cold press or a Cold spoon.

In the first day of the bruise, you can apply a cold spoon or cold compress directly to the hickey. This method will help in breaking down the clotted blood in that spot; thereby improving the blood to flow. An ice cube can also be used if available.

For Cold Spoon.

  1. Put a spoon ina freezer for half an hour (30 minutes).
  2. Bring the spoon out and apply directly to the affected spot.
  3. Leave the spoon on the spot for at least 10 mins.
  4. Repeat #3 for 3 times daily until the place begins to lighten.

2. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil main component is menthol; it has a stimulant effect that helps in improving the circulation of blood when applied. Massage this oil into the spot softly; as too much pressure on the region could worsen the bruise. The stimulant effect of this oil helps in getting rid of the hickey.

Note that peppermint oil can irritate the skin.

3. Aloe vera

The thick, jelly-like substance in an aloe vera leaf may reduce skin swelling, pain and inflammation.

 How To Get Rid of Hickies, hickey

Also, it can be used in reducing the sensitivity of the affected spot. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that can help in the bursting of capillaries.

4. Alcohol.

If your love bite has been present for just only a few hours, you can make use of alcohol. Alcohol is an essential ingredient when trying to remove a hickey. It has soothing, cooling properties and also disinfect products.

5. Banana Peel

The banana peel is also beneficial for human use not only the banana fruit. The banana peel is filled with Vitamins and antioxidants. It has cooling and soothing properties. These properties in banana peels help in reducing the effect on a hickey fast

6. Vitamin K.

Vitamin K helps in the proper clotting of blood. Vitamin K is available in Cream form and foods we eat. Vitamin K in cream form should be applied directly to the spot two times daily; it may help speed up the bruise healing process.

Vitamin K is rich in food such as soybeans, leafy greens, poultry, and pork. You can enhance your vitamin K levels by consuming them.

Vitamin K can help in the prevention of coagulation and then used efficiently in treating bruises. They help the body to reabsorb all the blood and may speed up bruise healing.

How Long do Hickeys last with No treatment?

If left untreated, a hickey is likely to fade on its own in about 7 to 14 days. After a few days of the bit, the bruise will darken a bit and then begin to change colors, and it finally fades away.

Some of these treatments may fasten the healing by a few days, but the hickey can also be prolonged by aggravating the bruise with excessive pressure. Be gentle when massaging the area or even when applying any of the treatment options.


Because of the above remedies on “how to get rid of hickies,” you can enjoy your time with your spouse without any fear and then utilize at least 1 or 2 of the solutions.

These remedies will help to keep your skin soft and clean even after a love bit. The body only needs time to repair the broken capillaries and then reabsorb the blood.

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