The Dukan Diet: A Sneak Peek Into The Diet Plan

As the whole world is aware of the ill-effects of obesity and various other health issues, people are now looking forward to various diet plans to seek a long-lasting solution. While there are numerous random diet plans in place to help people with their weight loss goals, the Dukan diet plan has made its unique place in the big herd.

What is a Dukan diet plan?

The Dukan diet plan was invented by French nutritionist and general practitioner Pierre Dukan in the year 2000. It was being quoted by Pierre Dukan that you can lose some significant weight while being on this diet plan for some good period.

The Dukan diet plan includes a diet which mainly consists of lean protein, oat bran, and water, along with a daily walk of around 20 minutes. The whole theory which has been put into the Dukan diet relates to the process of burning fat while limiting the carbohydrates intake.

Dukan diet plan, Dukan diet

The person who is on the Dukan diet plan can eat anything from the given food list of 100 items, and there are very fewer food items which contain carbs in the same list. This is where the body will use the existing fat content in the body instead of carbs, and the person will lose more weight in the same process.

What all are you allowed to eat in a Dukan diet?

While we just confirmed that you would be mostly consuming lean protein and oat bran during the Dukan diet plan, the whole diet has been segregated into four stages:

The Attack phase(stage)

It is the first phase of the Dukan diet plan, and the same will last for around 10 days. This further means that the phase will start from the first day of the Dukan diet and continue until the 10th day. During the same process, you are allowed to eat as much lean protein as you can along with 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran, with at least 6 cups of water daily.

The Cruise phase

The cruise phase is the 2nd phase of the whole Dukan diet plan and can last for around several months in the process. Here you will be allowed to add unlimited amounts of non-starchy veggies every alternate day, and you can also consume and extra half tablespoon of oat bran in the same process.

The Consolidation phase

Then you enter the third stage, which is known as the consolidation stage. Now you are allowed to have fresh veggies daily along with one piece of fruit,2 slices of whole wheat bread and a serving of low-fat cheese.

Well, you are also allowed to have 1-2 servings of high-on starch foods and some ‘celebration’(you can call them cheat meals) meals in the meantime. The celebration meal allows you to eat whatever you want to eat in the whole process.

Stabilization phase

The final phase of the Dukan diet plan comes as the Stabilization phase which is all about maintaining the benefits which you have reaped out of the overall Dukan diet plan.

You can eat whatever you want during the same period except for one day where you must follow the “ lean protein” ruling from the attack phase of the Dukan diet plan. You got to eat 3 tablespoons of the oat bran and are supposed to walk for around 20 minutes on a daily basis.

While we got an in-depth insight into the overall Dukan diet by now, let’s take a sneak peek into all the positives and negatives it carries alongside.

Pros of a Dukan diet plan

  • Dukan diet can help you to lose weight quite swiftly which can come motivating for most of the people
  • You are not required to weigh the food you are consuming every other time( something which you got to follow on other diet plans)
  • You are also not required to count the overall calories intake
  • Even though it carries a strict diet rule, the benefits are huge
  • You can easily plan your meals as there are no limitations on the quantity of food consumption
  • You can easily banish the unwanted sugary foods and junk foods
  • Your body will intake limited amount of salt and fats
  • The celebration meals can certainly act as a motivation at the fourth phase

Cons of the Dukan diet plan

  • As you will be heading away from the carb content, your body might get through all types of issues like fatigue, headache, insomnia, nausea, and unwanted weakness
  • Once you get along with the attack phase, it would come really hard to get along with your daily routine
  • Getting away from carbs may lead to issues like constipation
  • While you will eliminate the consumption of food items like whole wheat, fruits, and veggies, it may lead to unwanted deficiencies and long term illness out of the lack of antioxidants.
  • You may get prone to health issues like cancer and heart attack due to lack of required vitamins and minerals
  • High protein intake may lead to certain kidney issues and even weakness in the bones
  • The Dukan diet sounds boring and monotonous to specific people, and this is why they can’t stick to the same for long periods
  • If you are a person living on d budget, this Dukan diet may not sound feasible for you
  • It cannot be quoted as a balanced diet due to the absence of fruits and veggies in most of the phases
  • The Dukan diet is not prescribed for people with issues like high cholesterol, kidney disease or certain eating disorders

The big question: Is the Dukan diet good for you or not?

Dukan diet is good for you until you are looking down to achieve particular weight loss or fitness goals. However, you got to replace it with a more balanced and healthy diet in the long term. This must include all the wholesome grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables in your daily eating schedule.

Once you are following a healthy diet regimen along with a fitness plan, your body will get benefitted with all the nutrition and care is required in the first place.

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