Tips To Make Home Cooked Food For Your Dog

Why do we get to have all the fun? Our furry little friends need to have some party time too. While we spend our time stressing on what to make for dinner or lunch, they get treated with the same old food all the time. Let’s treat them with something more “exotic” than the packaged food they have to gulp every day.

Imagine having the same food every meal; life can’t get duller, right? Welcome to the life of a dog! No wonder they beg for our food. And that is why many dog owners have started making home-cooked food for their love buds.

Home Cooked Food For Your Dog

This not only proves cheaper, but also avoids several additives in your dog’s diet. Be it economical or health, whatever your reason is, cook for your dog and treat it with all that it deserves.

Through this blog today, we will be trying to figure out what are the nutritional requirements for your emotional support dog and the things to avoid while making homemade dog food.

Nutritional Requirements

A common misconception that is prevalent in owners is that a dog only needs a copious amount of protein to thrive. That is not true. Just like any other living being, a dog is best served a medley of meat, starch, and vegetables for optimal results. A balanced is a concept that applies to all – whether you are a human, a dog, or any other creature.

A balanced diet would usually have a ratio of 40:50:10, which translates to 40% protein, 50 % vegetables, and 10 % starch.

Ingredients to Use

Now that we know what categories we need to target let’s move on to the next stage. Understanding what you can feed your dog and what you can’t. Not everything that we eat translates well for a dog’s digestive system. So, be careful in deciding what goes into the food.


Usually, people prefer beef for dogs, though there are quite a few other options available to fulfill the protein requirements. Even animal organs are great for your dog. Some other options include turkey, chicken, lamb, and fish.


There are plenty of options that can be availed here too. Safe vegetables are carrots, green beans, spinach, peas, celery, cucumbers, and pumpkin. Broccoli and cauliflower can also be fed to the dog, but in moderation, as they might cause gas.


A favorite human category, carbs, holds a couple of vitamins that are important for dogs. Good options to feed them include rice (especially brown), potatoes ( cooked), pasta(in the absence of oil), oatmeal, and yams.

Mistakes To Avoid While Making Your Dog Food

Relying Only On Social Media

Before you overhaul your dog’s entire feeding schedule, check-up more sources than just the internet. Talk to real people who have done this before, the results they achieved, and the problems they faced. But remember that you’re talking to people and not the vet.

Home Cooked Food For Your Dog

Trying The First Recipe You See

Social Media is a goldmine for tasty recipes, but there is an entire section that will have you believe that they have good recipes, which might actually be terrible. So, do your research before you jump in.

Some recipes will have just chicken and rice, which is never enough. So, be diligent and look for tried and tested recipes.

Not Customizing The Recipes Enough

When you go out, there is a variety of food that is available, which breaks down the food into different categories. There is a reason for that. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration while formulating a diet for your dog. Starting with the breed, size, and age.

Further, ensure that you take into account your dog’s allergies if he has any.

Not Fulfilling The Nutritional Quota

When you cook food, certain nutrients get removed, which can create a gap in the needed nutritional quantities required by a dog. You can fill this gap with a multivitamin, but even that might not be able to cover them all. So, all you can do is try.

Probiotics and salmon oil are the leading supplements given to dogs.

Talk to a Vet

It is imperative that you talk to a vet before you change your dog’s diet. Even if your vet is not a nutritionist, it would still be useful for him to know that you are feeding your dog, homemade food. They can further give you suggestions that will help tweak your plan for feeding your pooch.

Homemade diets have been gaining popularity as pet parents everywhere have begun to understand the importance of nutrition. There are quite a few things that can go wrong when it comes to providing a meal that fulfills the criterion of a balanced meal. But as they say, learning is a curve, and this too is one. So, don’t worry if you end up messing it up! Give yourself some time you’ll figure it out.

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