Recent Study Reveals More People Search For CBD Information Than Meditation or Veganism

Researchers from the University of California, University of San Diego, and Johns Hopkins University have revealed that 6.4 million online searches for CBD take place every month. Despite being virtually unknown a few years ago, it is now searched for more often than lifestyle mainstays like exercise, veganism, and meditation.

What has fueled this spectacular increase in online activity? By understanding the factors behind it, perhaps we can more clearly see what the future has in store for this industry.

CBD Information

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An Increase in the Number of People Interested in Using and Talking About CBD

It seems obvious to suggest that there is a link between the number of people using CBD oil and the number searching for it. Yet, a survey carried out by Quartz and Harris Poll suggested that while 86% of respondents had heard of CBD, fewer than 20% had tried it and just 7% were regular consumers.

Many people have heard about the possible benefits of CBD oil from friends, news stories or both. Among the reasons commonly given for trying cannabis oil are pain relief, lower anxiety levels, and diabetes control.

The numbers above suggest that a lot of people are still at the stage of researching whether cannabis oil is right for them. The debate has been aided by a number of celebrities who have spoken out on the subject.

Former boxer Mike Tyson and ex-NBA star Al Harrington are among the high-profile supporters of CBD. Current athletes who endorse the use of this substance include UFC champion Nate Diaz and NFL player Derrick Morgan.

The Growing Need for Reliable Information

Anyone who is interested in finding out more may decide online to look for reputable sources. For instance, this New York Times article takes an impartial look at the pros and cons of using cannabis oil. This is one of many articles that let newcomers see what CBD is all about and whether it suits their needs. There is no need to guess when the answer can be found online instantly.

The wealth of information on the internet about CBD is growing all the time. As new studies are carried out and more people detail their own experiences, it is becoming easier for newcomers to find exactly what they need to know.

You can look for trustworthy and up-to-date details on matters such as where these products are fully legal and whether prescriptions are needed to be able to buy CBD oil. As an example, the House Judiciary Committee passed the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act by 24 votes to 10 at the time of writing this article. The implications of this decision can already be read online.

It is also easy to discover a range of products that contain CBD, from coffee to chewing gum and more. We can also see on the International Highlife site that there are numerous different strains with unique properties, such as purple tangie, chocolito, and pineapple express. Each of these strains contains more or less CBD than the others, making them suitable for different consumers.

CBD Information

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A Thriving Online Community

As more and more people have turned to CBD, it is leading to a growing online community where they can share their thoughts, reviews, and experiences with others. Given that so many newcomers are interested in cannabis oil, we can expect the trend for online searches to carry on growing.

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