Avipattikar Churna: The Amazing Health Benefits

Avipattikar Churna is an ayurvedic herbal medicine that is made with a perfect blend of herbs and other natural ingredients.

It is used in the traditional medical practice of the Indians called Ayurveda and it is made up of a mixture of so many herbs hence its potency and relevance even in present-day medicine.

The health benefits of Avipattikar are best maximized when there is indigestion, too much acidity of the stomach and constipation.

Avipattikar Churna

It is used for this because when ingested it aids the release of enzymes that helps to increase intestinal movements.

Avipattikar consists of some other herbs which are also very essential for the overall health benefits of the ayurvedic herb.

Indeed, so many health benefits have been attributed to Avipattikar Churna and that is why this article is written to explore the different health benefits so as to help you make an informed choice as to why you need to use this Ayurveda herb.

Over the years Avipattikar has been used by the Indians in their traditional medicine to cures and manage different ailments especially once that have to do with intestinal discomforts.

These days Avipattikar has now been packaged in different capsules and used by people over the world.

What are the other constituent of Avipattikar

As mentioned earlier, Avipattikar Churna is made up of other very essential herbs
which combine effectively render amazing health benefits to its users all over the

Theother constituents of Avipattikar are;

· Dried ginger which has an average value of 0.83%
· Long pepper, an average of 0.84%
· Black Pepper
· Indian Gooseberry
· Cloves and Indian bay leaves
· Misri which has an average of 50% in value
· Mustaka also known as Nutgrass has a value of 0.83%

What are the Properties of Avipattikar Churna

There are a lot of medicinal properties contained in Avipattikar and that is part of the reason why early Indians have used it in their medical treatments and up until this day the treatments and benefits are still

We shall look at the medicinal properties of Avipattikar while keeping our eyes on the numerous health benefits it has to offer
Therefore, the medicinal properties include;

· It is an antacid in the stomach
· It boosts appetite
· An antioxidant
· A carminative
· It has antidiuretic properties
· Aids in digestion as a stimulant
· It is Anti-inflammatory

What is the indication of Avipattikar

Avipattikar Churna is indicated in the treatment of several medical conditions in the body.

A lot of people over the years have used it in several ways as an antioxidant, as a digestive stimulant, as an antacid, etc.

The indications of Avipattikar are;

In Digestion
Avipattikar is used when there is an acute case of gastritis, acidity, heartburn, constipation, Indigestion, and Gastroesophageal reflux disease.

In the urinary system
It is used in the treatment of urinary problems when there is difficulty with passing with urine, uremia, kidney stones, Nephritis, Chronic kidney failure, etc

In Peptic Ulcer Treatment
Avipattikar is indicated in the treatment of peptic ulcers because it contains anti-secretory and anti-ulcerogenic effects.

Amazing Health Benefits of Avipattikar Churna

Indians who practiced Ayurveda have over the years used Avipattikar to achieve numerous health benefits in the body system.

Avipattikar Churna

Some of these health benefits have received scientific backings after researches were carried out on them while other researches are still ongoing to reveal more health benefits.

Therefore let’s have a look at some of the amazing health benefits of Avipattikar:

It Provides Relief During Chronic Gastritis

Gastritis occurs when there is inflammation of the stomach over a long period of time caused by acids secreted in the stomach.

Avipattikar usage goes a long way in eliminating acids from the stomach, this helps in curing inflammation and restoring the mucous lining of the stomach already affected by acid secretion.

Avipattikar Helps in the Prevention of Gastroesophageal Reflex Disease

The gastroesophageal reflux disease is a condition that occurs when the content of the stomach goes back into the esophageal tract.

It is a chronic form of acid reflux and it causes irritation of the food pipes leading to heartburn, chest pains, belching, nausea, regurgitation, etc.

This reflux can be very uncomfortable for the patient that most times they dread having their meals Avipattikar churna because of its
Ayurvedic properties is known to prevent the reflux of food from the intestines to the esophagus hence preventing the risk of GERD.

It helps in Micturition

Micturition is the act of passing urine from the bladder through the urethra to the external environment.

Except for the abnormality in passing urine being caused by prostate cancer then Avipattikar churna can help regulate the abnormality.

This is because of its antidiuretic properties that help to induce urination and maintains proper urine flow.

It also helps to eliminate kidney stones

Kidney stones are formed in concentrated urine as a result of deposits of hard minerals and are very painful when it goes through the urinary tract.

Avipattikar churna when taking together with another herb called Harjrool Yahood Bhasma has been of tremendous help in removing the formed kidney stones.

Avipattikar is also very important in treating Nephritis

Nephritis occurs when the nephrons of the kidney become inflamed.

Most types of nephritis may as well affect the glomeruli,tubules and the tissues surrounding the glomeruli.

Taking Avipattikar can help in the treatment of nephritis because brings the inflammation of the kidneys and glomeruli to the barest minimum.

It helps in the Treatment of Peptic ulcers

Several studies carried out by researchers have concluded that Avipattikar contains antisecretory and anti-ulcerogenic effects which are the major reason why it is effective in the treatment of peptic ulcers.

It helps to reduce the effects of peptic ulcers by drastically reducing the gastric acids secreted in the stomach.

It can be used as an appetizer

When you lack an appetite for the consumption of food, taking Avipattikar Churna is a very effective way to increase your appetite for food.

Its Antioxidant Property is Very Essential.

Avipattikar contains very essential antioxidants that are helpful in removing free radicals from the body and helping the body function properly without having to deal with the negative effects of the free

What will be the daily Avipattikar dosage

Before Taking any substance into the body be it an ayurvedic drug or a normal drug, it is very important to be sure of the dosage and quantity to use in other not to overdose on the drug.

In taking Avipattikar we are going to look at the normal dosage both for adults, children, and older adults.

The different dosages required on a daily basis by both children, adults and older adults are;
· Children will need a daily dosage of 1-3 grams
· Adults will need 3-6 grams daily
· Older adults will a dosage of 3 grams daily

What Are the Side Effects Of Avipattikar

The side effects of Avipattikar are always mild and does not pose a risk to the overall health of the patient’s body.

The side effects include;

· Overdosage of Avipattikar causes may cause mild gastritis
· It can cause watery stooling in both children and adults
· Avipattikar causes dehydration
· The fact that it contains sugar may lead to a surge in the blood sugar
· Pregnant women should not ingest Avipattikar Churna because it
may cause bloating and gastritis which may affect the baby
· In the cause of using Avipattikar, if you have any serious side effects its best to consult your doctor for proper medical advice on the next step to follow.

Does Avipattikar Interact With Other Drugs Or Substances.

Yes, Avipattikar Churna interacts with other drugs in the body, because of this interaction it is important that you leave a space of 2hrs
or more when taking drugs before you take Avipattikar.

Things You Must Know Before Taking Avipattikar
· Avipattikar can be consumed before driving
· Avipattikar is not addictive, so it is alright for you to take as much as
you need.
· Do not take it alongside alcohol as this can trigger an unfavorable
reaction in the body.
· Avipattikar is not a sedative, hence it will not make you feel drowsy.
· Do not overdose on Avipattikar Churna as this will cause some unfavorable side effects in your body.

So, we have succeeded in listing the health benefits of Avipattikar churna and sure you must have learned one or two things about these powerful herbs used in Ayurveda medicine?

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