Tips to Making Sure You are Staying in a Comfortable And Secure Home in the City

Living in the city is convenient. You have access to shopping and recreation spots, and if you work there, your commute is much easier. For these reasons, most people like to live in the city.

Unfortunately, thieves and burglars also love big cities. As a result, when decorating your home in the city, you have to put safety features into consideration.

Comfortable And Secure Home

Here are a few ways you can secure your home and make it a comfortable place to live in.

1. Secure your doors

You need a strong door if you’re going to keep thieves from breaking into your house. A simple wooden door is not enough to secure your home as criminals can easily break it apart using an ax or crowbar. A better option is a solid hardwood door reinforced with a steel frame.

You could also add a deadbolt or door brace to make your door even more secure from the inside. To keep thieves from breaking into your home via the sliding doors, secure them with a  sliding door lock or security bar.

Install a peephole so that you can always tell who’s at the door before you open it. You can also go a step further and install a video doorbell with two-way audio communication capabilities to deter unwanted visitors or snoops from your door.

2. Secure your windows

When burglars cannot get into your home through the doors, the next option is the windows. Therefore, secure your windows by installing some metal bars on them. And to prevent peeping toms from seeing what you have inside the house, cover them with window film.

You should also grow some prickly bushes outside windows on lower floors to deter people from peeping in or breaking in.

For windows that are on the top floor, ensure any tall trees nearby are cut down. Thieves can climb up such trees and come into your home through the window.

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3. Install security cameras

Hidden security cameras are great tools to use against trespassers and criminals. If any crime happens in your home, it helps to have footage that will assist police in catching the criminals.

You may also choose to keep the cameras visible but out of reach as many criminals are deterred from stealing or breaking into homes when they see surveillance cameras.

A good security camera option is one you can access remotely using a mobile app to keep tabs on what is happening in your home.

4. Light up your compound

Comfortable And Secure Home

Thieves like to steal when it’s dark or there is minimum visibility to keep themselves hidden. To deter such incidents, install bright lights along pathways, around corners, under the front and back door, and all over your yard.

If you want to cut down on your electricity bills, you can opt for motion – sensor lights or solar-powered lamps. Also, make sure you don’t have any dark areas around the house where intruders can wait for you in hiding, such as bushes or shrubs.

5. Set up alarms and sensors

Alarms and sensors are an excellent option for securing the home from thieves and accidents. Here are a few options;

  • Home alarms

If you are far from your house and burglars or intruders break-in, a house alarm can alert the security company and ensure they take care of the situation for you. Keep in mind that in many cities, you are required to license your alarm; otherwise, you could get fined.

  • CO detectors and smoke alarms

Install smoke alarms and CO detectors in every room in your home. Fires and carbon monoxide inhalation cause more unnecessary deaths and destruction of property than you can imagine

  • Window and glass break sensors

You can also install window sensors that alert you when a window is open, whether you are at home or not. Glass break sensors are another option to alert you when your windows are broken into.

  • Safe sensors

Another type of sensor to invest in is one for locked up areas such as fireproof safes, cabinets that contain important documents, or weapon storage spaces. Such sensors can send alerts to your phones whenever anyone tries to open or break into these places.

6. Secure your Wi-Fi Network

These days, most people have a computer in their home, which in most cases contains a lot of sensitive information. To protect such information, you must secure your Wi-Fi network.

When people access your Wi-Fi password, it’s easy for them to peruse through your computer information, and if you use it for your smart home automation system, they can mess up with your home security.

If you have an open Wi-Fi network, call your internet provider for information on how to secure it today.

7. Install a home automation system

Turning your house into a smart home can solve a lot of your security issues because it gives you remote access to many areas of the house. For example, you can lock your doors remotely and check your security cameras whenever you want to.

In case of a break-in, you can also get a live alert, which will allow you to call for help. When you travel, smart automation systems allow you to check on your home and even schedule things like when the lights will go on or off, making a home automation system  an invaluable security tool.

8. Set up a panic button and arm yourself

Sometimes, despite all our efforts, intruders can get into the home and lie in wait. Others can break in when you are asleep. Therefore, it’s important to have weapons on hand to protect yourself.

Although guns are dangerous, there are other options like pepper sprays that can come in handy as weapons in case you get attacked in the house. You can also set up a panic button through IFTTT that you can press when in danger to alert your neighbors, family members, or people on your social network.

9. Network with neighbors and police

To make your home even safer, liaise with your neighborhood watch as well as the local police department to ensure you get alerts on any crime in the area and advice on how to strengthen your home security.

Through neighborhood watch teams, you can also petition the police to make rounds in your neighborhood regularly and respond promptly to calls.

10. Prevent accidents in the home

Comfortable And Secure Home

Apart from intruders, potential hazards can also cause havoc in the home. Therefore, to make your home comfortable and safe, you should invest in things that prevent accidents. For example;

  • Light up your stairways and put runners on them to prevent accidental slips and falls
  • Put slip-resistant mats in your bathtub, bathroom floors as well as grab bars.
  • Fix problems that if ignored, can become safety hazards in the future such as refrigerant leaks and dirty air filters in your air conditioners. HVAC contractors NJ can help you with that.

What do you do to keep your home safe and cozy?

These are tips to help you make your house in the city a comfortable and safe place. If you have any extra safety tips, please share them with us in the comments.

Your home is the place to relax and where your loved ones spend a lot of their time. Investing in measures that make it safe, is a worthy investment.

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