4 Creative Arm Workouts You Can Do at Home

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re at home right now. Don’t worry – you’re not
alone. Everyone has been spending more time than ever at home these days. Given
this reality, many people have had to readjust every aspect of their daily routines from how they shop for groceries to how they see their friends.

However, one thing that has had to change more than anything is the way we exercise.
Walking, running, and biking can only take you so far. It’s important to incorporate
strength training into your routine, which can be difficult to do at home. It’s especially
difficult for certain parts of your body like your arms, which typically require heavier
weights to work out. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Here are 4 creative arm workouts you can do at home, with and without equipment.

Push ups and Push up Variations

Some of you might think that pushups are obvious. Others might not have even realized that push ups are great for your arm strength, among other parts of your body.

However, when executed correctly, pushups both traditional and non-traditional can do
wonders for your arm strength.

Arm workouts

To perform a regular pushup, begin in a high plank position with your hands roughly
shoulder width apart and your arms directly over your wrists. Lower your forearms by
bending your elbows until your chest touches the ground, then re-extend to straighten your arm and perform one rep. This simple motion is fantastic for your triceps as well as your chest and core.

However, you can also do some interesting variations of pushups. For example, you
can lift yourself into a downward dog motion, touch your toes, then extend back into a pushup. You can also do a decline pushup where you raise your legs on a chair or low table.

This will work your triceps and chest while also incorporating your shoulders.
Alternatively, lean on a higher surface like a counter to perform incline pushups, which
will target your triceps and deltoids.


While pull-ups and chin-ups might be challenging at first, they are both great at-home workouts for your arms. First, you’ll need to locate a bar in your living space that’s high enough and can sustain your weight.

However, a much better option would be to order a proper chin-up bar online that you can install in a doorway of your home.

Chin-ups and pull-ups are both known for their great benefits to your lat muscles, however they are also a great workout for your biceps.

Arm workouts

If you’re trying to figure out which of these two workouts to start with, it might be better
to start with chin-ups. T

requires you to grip the bar underhand and pull yourself up so that your chest is in line with the bar. Chin-ups are easier to execute for someone who is just starting in strength training.

Because of their range of motion, they’re specifically great for using your body weight to build your biceps.

Pull-ups are a more difficult workout and might not be accessible to everyone. Rather
than pulling yourself up with an underhand grip, you employ an overhand grip on the
bar. This also engages your biceps, but will also engage your lats more than chin-ups

Tricep Dip

Without some of the machines and free weights you might find at the gym, tricep dips are a great way to train your triceps using nothing more than an elevated surface, and  yourbody weight. To get started, find a surface that’s no higher than your knee.

Then, turn away from that surface, and place your arms behind you on the edge of that

Walk your feet out in front of the surface so that you are suspended in mid air by
nothing but your feet in front of you, and your hands on the surface behind you. To
perform a rep, simply lower yourself by bending your elbows, then lift yourself back up by extending them.

This is a great workout you can do just about anywhere. When executed correctly, it’s an effective way to work your triceps and pecs.


When you think of planks, you might at first think of a core workout. You’re not wrong.
However, planks are also capable of engaging your arms in unexpected ways,
especially when you perform specialized planks that activate the muscles in your arms.

Performing these exercises can help you work out your core and arms at the same time so you can save yourself time.

Arm workouts

For example, a tap plank is a simple exercise to execute, although it’s not easy to
perform. Assume the plank position, and one arm at a time, touch the opposite shoulder
until failure.

Similarly, a plank reach is a great arm-based plank workout. In a plank
position, reach your arm out in front of you one at a time until failure.

Alex Capozzolo is the owner of the Brotherly Love Real Estate blog and a content writer
for the real estate industry. He fell in love with exercising and hiking once he moved to
California. Working out keeps his mind at ease during busy work weeks.

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