Yoga Clothing | Your Essential Guide to Yoga Apparels

Yoga Classes: What Should One Wear?

Yoga is increasingly becoming a workout of choice for many due to numerous health and general well beings it provides to yogis. Some of the benefits of practicing these exercises include weight loss, improved flexibility, improved muscles strength, centering the mind and thought and many more.

Yoga classes

The definition of yoga is a complex matter as there are questions about what it really is. Some people see it as a form of exercise, while others see it as a religion or philosophy.

In short, it is a combination of all the above as it encourages the connection between the three fundamental components of humans: the body, the mind and the breath. You can do your exercises in privacy or in a class where you have the advantage of guidance from an instructor.

What should a yogi wear in class?

If  youare joining a practice class for the first time, you must be facing the dilemma of choosing the best outfits for the exercise. These classes are said to be welcoming places where you can wear anything as long as it is comfortable, but there is still a need for looking stylish and decent.

Always ensure that the yoga clothes you choose are flexible so that they can move with you and keep the body covered. Uncomfortable and restrictive outfits can both distracting or even be a source of embarrassment.

There are a variety of cheap yoga clothes available in the UK, either from online stores or some of the land-based sportswear shops. You also don’t have to purchase new yoga clothes if you are under a tight budget since the ones you already have can work for you. You only need to choose clothes that are those made of soft and breathable fabrics like bamboo and cotton.


If you are a big busted woman, look for a good sports bra that supports and holds what is beneath. The bra should also be designed in a way that it will stay neatly in space even when you are in a downward-facing position.


Leggings are common women’s attire as they are both comfortable and non-distractive. The leggings you already have at home are good enough for your classes as long as they are opaque and can remain so even when stretched. Also, ensure that the leggings do not slip when you are in an upside-down pose by only choosing the elastic ones.


Tanks and singlet’s are a perfect outfit for female yogis as they allow unrestricted arm movements. Choose tanks and singlet’s that fit well to avoid the distractions caused by the top attires covering your face when in upside-down poses. Also, ensure that the tanks are not too tight or binding.

Long Sleeve Tops

Long sleeves tops, like any other to clothing, should be fitting enough to stay in place during all movements. If you choose a loose long sleeve top, ensure that you have paired it with a singlet beneath to keep you covered whenever the top falls out of place.

What  domost yogis actually wear?

For men

Tops: most male yogis wear muscle t-shirts or tank tops for classes. Loose t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts are also common. Bottoms: Most men wear gym shorts, which they sometimes partner with a compression short underneath.

For women

Tops: Tanks, singlet’s, long sleeve tops and sports bra

Bottoms: Tights, shorts and capris

Does everyone practice barefoot?

Yogis don’t have to wear shoes when in exercising as it is done in an indoor environment with smooth surfaces.

Practicing when barefoot also provides the much-required balance and keeps the grip on your mat. Most classes have a place where you change your clothes and place your shoes before entering

the practice area. However, yogis who are uncomfortable when barefooted can still do it with their socks on. There also companies that make special socks that provide the needed grip.

Author: Ryan Stinson
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