Comparing the Three Types of Hydrocortisone Tablets: Standard, Slow Release and Soluble

Hydrocortisone tablets mainly come in three forms; standard, soluble, and release forms. The hydrocortisone tablets are classified under the corticosteroids type of medicines. They are commonly referred to as oral steroids.

The tablets are used as an alternative treatment for people whose adrenal glands aren’t producing sufficient steroid hormones. This condition can be an aftermath of Addison’s disease, which occurs if one had surgery to eliminate
adrenal glands. You can buy hydrocortisone tablets online.

How Hydrocortisone Tablets Work

First and foremost, corticosteroid hormones are usually manufactured by the adrenal glands in the body. The corticosteroids do influence the functioning of the body systems and they do aid in balancing electrolytes and fluids in the

The tablets are also essential in mitigating cancer viruses. This is achieved by decreasing the inflammations by preventing infection-causing blood cells, commonly known as polymorphonuclear leukocytes, from reaching the swelled area of your body. This will reduce the swellings around tumor-infected areas.

Hydrocortisone Tablets

The hydrocortisone tablets also aid in the treatment of patients having blood disorders, for instance, multiple myeloma. Corticosteroids also operate by triggering programmed apoptosis (cell death) of specific cells, which may aid in fighting diseases. The tablets can also be used in treating nausea, which may result from chemotherapy.

Types of Hydrocortisone Tablets

There are three main types of hydrocortisone tablets.

Standard Tablets

These tablets are usually consumed as a whole, and they don’t need to be diluted. Upon consumption of the standard tablets, the medicine will be released into your body immediately. It is advisable to take the tablets after meals to
avoid unnecessary stomach upsets.

Slow-release Tablets

Slow-release tablets are also known as modified-release tablets. The medicine is released to your body periodically into your body. Modified released tablets are usually taken once a day, more so during morning hours thirty minutes before taking breakfast. Crushing or breaking the tablet may lead to ineffectiveness.

Consuming grapefruits or juice may lead to increased side effects and also may make the tablets to be ineffective. The slow-release tablets should be taken in strict adherence to your medic’s prescription.

Soluble tablets

These tablets should be dissolved in water for them to be effective. The tablets are meant to be dissolved in at least 50 ml of water. When dissolved, you should ensure you take the whole liquid. The soluble tablets should be taken
approximately 3 times per day. You can take the soluble tablets after or with meals to avoid having stomach upsets.

Are There Effects of Taking an Overdose of the Tablets?

Well, there will be minimal effect on taking many tablets at once, but they may cause harm when you repeatedly consume an overdose of the tablets. It is wise to consult your medic in case you consume an overdose.

Final Thought

The type of hydrocortisone tablets you take is purely dependent on your health conditions. These tablets may also interfere with other medications thus, you should notify your medic if you have any ongoing treatment.